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Harrow got a mention on Dave Hill’s Guardian blog today. Postulating about ‘bluewash Harrow’, Hill made predictions about the Conservative chances in both east and west of the borough.

 For Tony McNulty, over in Harrow East, Hill wasn’t too positive, noting the seat would be more of a Tory target. He wrote:

 “Not only is the former henchman of gruesome, tabloid-pleaser Home Secretary John Reid defending a small majority, he also has the legacy of his expenses mess working against him. And what a mess it was…

 “… [Bob Blackman has] had his own local difficulties but you’ve got to fancy his chances anyway.”

 He was more optimistic about Gareth Thomas in Harrow West. Describing Thomas as ‘depressingly obedient’, Hill said this seat looked more secure, but added:

“NHS doctor Rachel Joyce has been blogging and slimming at the same time which, given that my weight has recently soared to an unimpressive life-time record of 12 stone five pounds, impresses me as the mark of a formidable individual.

“Sometimes I think the Tories deserve their turn in power.”

Joyce herself was pretty pleased to get a mention in the post. Writing on her blog that Hill was spot on about her Labour opponent, she said:

“He is so uber-loyal that it is frustrating

“…Just once in a while he should show the Labour party a bit of gumption and say “no – I don’t agree with that”.

The dieting doctor was most keen to set the record straight over being a member of the Blue Rinse brigade.

“I am still of child-bearing age (so I can’t be that old) and I used to be a LibDem. Perhaps I’m a tinge of turquoise…”

Will Hill’s predictions for Harrow’s Labour MPs come true? Watch this space.


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