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Came across this reader comment on the Spectator website. Says Mike from Brighton about Harrow East MP Tony McNulty:

“…nice of Tone to give his old mum ‘n dad a nice big house at our expense, let’s hope he’s looking for new job in May.”

He posted the comment on a Rod Liddle blog titled ‘Too early to panic at Tory HQ‘. Liddle noted the Conservatives had slipped seven points in the latest ICM poll, but concluded, too the comfort of the opposition,’I think it’s too early to worry very much’.

So will ‘Tone’ be looking for a new job this Spring? What do you think, Stanmore? Let me know your predictions.

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Good news for Stanmore shoppers today as news comes of a new transport link to Brent Cross.

London Buses are to bring in a new bus link between Stanmore Station and Brent Cross from next autumn, following a public consultation.

Starting in October 2010 the 324 bus will travel the route every 20 to 30 minutes. Passengers will pass though Honeypot Lane, Kingsbury Road, Edgware Road and Hendon Way. until the bus finishes at Brent cross Tesco.

John Barry,the head of Network Development for London Buses, said they were constantly reviewing London bus services. He said:

“‘The introduction of route 324 reflects Transport for London’s efforts to continually develop the network.”

As both the Northern and Jubilee lines show no signs of working to full capacity for some time yet, this bus route could be very important to residents.

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This train is terminated because of strikes


As if Stanmore’s tube service wasn’t bad enough already, here’s another piece of bad news.   

The Evening Standard is reporting that starting next week there will be regular 24-hour strikes on the Jubilee line. The strikes are due to a dispute over pay.   

The walkouts will begin at 7.29pm Wednesday and then will run every Sunday night, from 31 January, “until further notice” in a row over pay.   

The strikes, by key engineering staff, won’t halt the line used by more than 600,000 passengers a day but will cause severe disruption and overcrowding.   

This comes after more than a year of weekend closures on the Jubilee line. The completion of the line’s £500 million upgrade has been persistently delayed.   

Meanwhile, Transport for London (TfL) are proudly blabbing about their ‘series of new contemporary art commissions by Art on the Underground for the Jubilee line’.   

Artist Dryden Goodwin has created 60 original portraits to be put up along the line starting next month.   

Speaking about the project, Goodwin said:    

“‘Travelling on the Underground we’re usually in a hurry – rushing down escalators, waiting on a station platform, focused on getting somewhere else.   

In a hurry, maybe. Getting somewhere? On the Jubilee line these days, that’s becoming less and less likely. 

Fed up with the Jubilee line never working? Sound off about it below.

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The upcoming council elections in Harrow just got more interesting. Harrow’s very own Hillary and Bill just announced they were leaving public life.

News comes that Stanmore Park councillor for the last 12 years, Marilyn Ashton, will not be contesting her seat in May. Ashton is also the council member responsible for planning, development and enterprise.

Along with her hubbie and Harrow Council leader for the past two years (and Belmont ward cllr), she will be standing down in May.

The couple, both Conservative councillors, have cited a desire to go to the theatre more as one of the reasons for leaving their seats.

Mr Ashton said the decision was a personal one which he had taken:

“to spend more time with Marilyn and the rest of my family, travel, as well as other professional activities.”

He added that being a councillor is an all encompassing role and said:

“We have enjoyed every minute of our twelve years serving Harrow residents. We have not been to the theatre for ten years and hope to change this situation after May as well as generally broadening our horizons.”

Michael Lockwood, Harrow’s chief executive wished them well. He praised Mr Ashton’s ‘excellent’ leadership, saying:

“He has given strong political direction for us to deliver cleaner and safer streets, building stronger communities and improve support for vulnerable people. He has also played a significant role in our improved finances.

“Marilyn has given a critical lead in her portfolio and the Planning Committee.”

Councillor Susan Hall also paid tribute to the husband and wife pairing. Harrow’s deputy leader said Mr Ashton’s financial background had been beneficial to the area.

“Part of his legacy is to have played a dominant role in putting the borough’s finances back on to a sound footing. I’d like to place on record my thanks for David and Marilyn’s tremendous work in leading the Council to a position where its improvements are now recognised across the local authority world.”

No word yet on who might stand to replace them, but watch this space for the latest updates.

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Another £1 million will be added on to Harrow council costs as a result of the heavy snowfall.

Repairing snow damaged roads may set the council back £2 million, engineers said today.

They expect the prolonged icy weather will cause increased numbers of potholes to develop this winter.

David Sparks, from the Local Government Association, said the snowfall had left “gaping sores in our road network.”

He said: ‘The wet combined with the freezing conditions destroys tarmac very quickly. As the ice seeps into the road it expands and rips chunks of the surface out leaving potholes blighting the highways.”

Taxpayer money will have to be diverted to repairs, which last year cost half as much. The news comes as the council is slammed because some parts of Harrow will not had bin collections in more than a month.

Last week’s rubbish collections were cancelled because of the freezing conditions, but pick-ups will not be rescheduled.

An angry Stanmore resident, Judy Leer, told the Harrow Observer:

“It’s just a disgrace. My bin is full up now and that’s just two weeks’ worth of rubbish. I expect the other roads are exactly the same.”

The mother of two, of Nelson Drive, added:

“I’m registered disabled and I can’t drive, to go to the tip, and the bin men won’t take bins that are overflowing, or bin bags. Bearing in mind it’s been snowing, the bin is too heavy to wheel it back down the path to its normal position.”

The council responded by saying the icy conditions made it to difficult to arrange additional collections, but did not rule them out for when the weather clears. They also said:

“It would be confusing and difficult to begin telling residents that we are doing extra collections to deal with the backlog.”

With this morning’s surprise snow, the council may have to find a way to deal with the confusion.


Frozen finances: snowy roads will cost the council

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Nearly two thirds of Harrow residents think the council did a good job keeping the roads clear during the recent snowfall.

According to a poll on their website, 62.5 per cent of respondents were pleased with the council, despite worries about grit supplies in the borough running out.

Main roads in Harrow, including the Uxbridge Road, were gritted. However many side streets in Stanmore are still icy and difficult to drive on.

Over half those polled said they were aware of the council’s well publicised complaints that their grit suppliers had not come through.

What do you think? Did the council do enough to protect residents from icy and snowy roads last week? Have your say here.


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Spurred on by the news that an aggrieved doctor may mount an electoral challenge to my local MP I have decided to create a new Stanmore-centric political blog.

In the run up to the 2010 general election I will look at the political issues that impact my ward (Stanmore Park), my borough (Harrow) and the constituency (Harrow East) in general.

Harrow has been hitting the headlines in the last year not least because the local MP is Tony McNulty, who became a very public name during last year’s expenses scandal when he was ordered to repay ten grand for claiming his parents house as a second-home, when it was just eight km away.

McNulty has a majority of 4,700 and the seat is an interesting one; traditionally Conservative held, McNulty entered with New Labour in 1997 and has held a series of ministerial posts since, most prominently as Home Office and Employment Minister.

Given his fortunes have linked firmly to Labour’s in general (he won fewer votes in 2005 than 2001) Harrow East is an interesting constituency to study as a microcosm for the election as a whole.

Over the next few months I hope to highlight news and views of interest, get in touch with political figures in the area and find what Stanmore and the rest of the constituency think about them.

Who knows what will happen at the election and after. I don’t, but I can’t wait to find out.

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