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Harrow saw high turnout for the general and local election yesterday with more than two thirds of voters having their say.

The borough beat the national average with 67.5 per cent turnout, a figure which rose to 74.3 in Headstone North ward.

Three quarters of postal votes were returned and for the council election, 65.1 per cent voted.

Last night saw one of the longest counts for Harrow in memory.

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We’re heading firmly towards election season at the moment.

Even if the general election isn’t until June, although it doesn’t look likely they will wait that long, local votes are set for May 6th. Make sure you don’t miss out on having your say by registering to vote here.

And if you’re a student or for another reason will be away from Harrow on the day but want to vote here, make sure you sign up for a postal vote.

Whoever you’re going to vote for, Stanmore Politics wants to make sure you do.

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