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This train is terminated because of strikes


As if Stanmore’s tube service wasn’t bad enough already, here’s another piece of bad news.   

The Evening Standard is reporting that starting next week there will be regular 24-hour strikes on the Jubilee line. The strikes are due to a dispute over pay.   

The walkouts will begin at 7.29pm Wednesday and then will run every Sunday night, from 31 January, “until further notice” in a row over pay.   

The strikes, by key engineering staff, won’t halt the line used by more than 600,000 passengers a day but will cause severe disruption and overcrowding.   

This comes after more than a year of weekend closures on the Jubilee line. The completion of the line’s £500 million upgrade has been persistently delayed.   

Meanwhile, Transport for London (TfL) are proudly blabbing about their ‘series of new contemporary art commissions by Art on the Underground for the Jubilee line’.   

Artist Dryden Goodwin has created 60 original portraits to be put up along the line starting next month.   

Speaking about the project, Goodwin said:    

“‘Travelling on the Underground we’re usually in a hurry – rushing down escalators, waiting on a station platform, focused on getting somewhere else.   

In a hurry, maybe. Getting somewhere? On the Jubilee line these days, that’s becoming less and less likely. 

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