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Weeks ago, when the 2010 campaign kicked off, the outcome looked like a dead cert. After Labour missed the opportunity to go to the country when they were riding high in the polls, the Conservative party were enjoying a place at the giddy heights of public popularity.

For a few days, that was it. 2010, the first national vote in half a decade and the election campaign that wasn’t.

But then came the televised debates, the rise of Nick Clegg and the shaky performance by David Cameron. Then came a gaffe in Rochdale, beheaded chickens, ‘revelations’ about the Lib Dem past. Then came the realisation that we live in a democracy, that our vote counts and that we have a say in Britain’s future.

This election, in Harrow at council and constituency level, is about choice. For some that choice emerges as between cuts and investment, for others between big state and big society, certainty versus unpredictability.

Stanmore Politics isn’t going to tell you how to vote. All I can do is offer the information, fairly and faithfully presented, about the scope of candidates appealing for your cross next to their name. Who gets that is for you to decide.

No, I won’t tell you who to vote for. But I will say this; use your vote.

Man or woman, old or young – at some time in history you may not have been able to. You can now, and tomorrow the result rests on you taking up that responsibility.

Neither of Harrow’s two constituencies are guarantees for any party, and your choice matters. Already, our electoral system enables power without equivalent mandate. The more people who turnout tomorrow, the more legitimate our next representation in council and parliament will be.

Whatever happens, Stanmore Politics will be on hand with the results as soon as they arrive. I wish good luck to all the candidates – regardless of personal views, serving the public is something few of us ever seek to do.

And remember, those results are not yet decided. Have your say, because you can make a difference. If you don’t speak up, you certainly won’t.

Confused about the vote tomorrow? Click here for the Stanmore Politics election guide.

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There’s a new campaign poster in town, and something tells me Harrow East Mp Tony McNulty isn’t going to like it. That’s because the poster says he is Wanted ‘for Crimes Against Democracy’.  

He’s the first MP to be targeted in a campaign launched by pressure group Power2010, which calls for the identification of “the dinosaurs in Parliament who tell us reform isn’t needed, whilst clinging to their perks and privileges”. 

Harrow East? More like Harrow Western (film)


 McNulty is clearly seen as the T-Rex ofWestminster for his role in the expenses scandal.   

Last year the MP resigned from his ministerial post amidst allegations of his abuse of second home allowances and then paid back more than £13,000.   

 Power 2010 are inviting angry voters to nominate their errant politicians

They say: “Our aim is for a list of MPs from all major parties who we will then call out for their “crimes against democracy” and launch major campaigns in their constituencies, highlighting their poor record on democratic reform and civil liberties.”  

They intend to plaster the Wanted posters around the constituency and target swing voters with leaflets featuring McNulty’s “opposition to a cleaned up reformed politics.”  

It’s a stunt guaranteed to get some attention, but whether it will change any minds if a different matter? What do you think, Harrow?

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