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The Evening Standard today mention Harrow East in an article about ‘crucial seats’ for the 2010 election.

Noting that “with 5.5 million voters and a dozen hard-fought marginals, London is the battleground no party dares lose” the Standard writes that recent polling put the Conservatives ahead of Labour in the capital by 39 per cent to 35 per cent.

But including Tony McNulty in the list, the Standard continues: “the cast of battle-hardened gladiators competing for votes in the marginals promises to produce enough colour, combat and cattiness for connoisseurs to savour.”

It goes on to note Harrow as one of the key battleground seats in London.

The article ends with a reminder that nothing can truly be predicted when it comes to local London politics.

But we can safely say that if David Cameron wants to be in charge of the country, both Harrow East and West are exactly the sorts of seats the Tory party needs to capture.

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Tonight, Stanmore Politics left north west London and headed east…to trendy Shoreditch, for David Cameron’s first campaign rally in the race to become our next Prime Minister. 

The election might not even have been called yet, but David still had plenty to say to rouse the troops. Joined by Baroness Warsi and Tory chairman Eric Pickles, plus a pretty raging soundtrack, Cameron made an appeal to British voters. 

The full report, including pictures, video and more will soon be available for you to feast your eyes on over at The Hackney Post.  

But to whet your appetite, here are some snaps of the evening. 

Cameron spreads the love in Shoreditch


Baroness Warsi introduced her leader (spot Eric Pickles behind)


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