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The snow is melting, at least on the main roads, and we better hope it goes away fast.

At present, there is only 427 tonnes of grit left in the borough, and gritters are operating at a ‘light rate’. The council are still waiting on the 1,000 tonnes of grit needed – and ordered last month – to stop roads in the area from transforming into ice rinks.

Harrow council leader Cllr Susan Hall joked today:

“Perhaps it will arrive just in time as spring daffodils flower in our parks.”

Looks like we better hope spring springs up soon!

Especially because neighbouring boroughs have even less, so Harrow may even have to share its dwindling supplies.

Meanwhile Harrow’s Labour councillors are none too happy about plans to cut the borough’s Winter Maintenance Budget for next year by £50,000.

The deputy leader of the Labour group and Wealdston councillor, Phil O’Dell, said:

“This is a very short sighted cut by Harrow Council.

“Clearly the council is neglecting public safety.”

What do you think? Should the council have made better preparations for the winter weather? Are they mad to cut spending on snow protection for next year, or is this just a freak season, so money could be better spent elsewhere?


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