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Tony McNulty has told the website Labour Matters that Boris Johnson has broken a promise by appointing Kit Malthouse as his replacement chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority. Malthouse, the deputy Mayor of London, was set to be confirmed to the post today.

 Harrow East MP McNulty launched another criticism of Johnson, saying under his leadership:

“…police numbers are being cut and the signs are that safer neighbourhood teams as we currently know them will be eroded.”

Read the full report here.

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Tony McNulty has again criticized London Mayor Boris Johnson for his policing plans.

The Harrow East MP told the Evening Standard that the £27 million budget reduction over the coming three years would make policing more difficult.

He said of the mayor’s so-called “efficiency savings’:

“It’s no good talking tough on crime if you squeeze the Met so that their job becomes increasingly difficult.”

Last month the Labour MP branded Boris a ‘clown’ for stepping down from his post running the Metropolitan Police Authority.

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London Mayor Boris Johnson “can’t even be bothered” to run the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), Tony McNulty said today.

Calling the Tory mayor a ‘clown’, the Harrow East Labour MP slammed him for his decision to quit his year-old leadership of the London police.

 According to the Press Association, McNulty criticised Johnson for a number of failings, including not delivering the money for rape crisis centres and raising the price of travelling on public transport in the capital.

McNulty also said the mayor had broken his promise to have more police operating in London. He said the most recent proposals meant a 500-strong decrease.

 Johnson is stepping down because he wants “reorganise and refocus” on other projects, and McNulty questioned those commitments.

 “This man can’t even be bothered chairing the MPA but still takes £250,000 from the Daily Telegraph.

 “Isn’t it the case that London has stopped laughing at this clown?”

 Johnson’s decision means his deputy will take over the reins at Scotland Yard. It follows a change in the law which enabled the mayor to take control of policing in the capital.

Harriet Harman said today she will call for a Home Office investigation into his decision.

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Will £3m be enough to improve Jubilee Line travel?


The revamped Bond Street station will open in 2017 with a shorter change from the Jubilee to the Central line. 

Transport for London (TfL) opened bids today for the £300 million expansion of the Jubilee line station. 

TfL said a new interchange between Bond Street’s two underground lines will reduce congestion at the busy station. The plans also include opening an additional ticket hall and building more escalators 

The renovated station, built 110 years ago, will have easy access to Crossrail, offering commuters a quicker journey to key rail stations like Paddington and Farringdon.  

With the addition of the Crossrail connection, TfL estimate daily passenger numbers will reach 225,00. At present, Bond Street station serves some 155,000 people each day. 

Miles Ashley, Head of London Underground Station Capacity Programme, said the redevelopment would transform the Bond Street area. 

“It will act as a catalyst for further investment securing the West End’s position as a premier shopping and entertainment destination and major employment centre.’ 

Work is due to start later this year, but the renovations are likely to be greeted with mixed feelings by Jubilee line commuters. 

It emerged in November that the building work keeping Stanmore station closed on weekends will run “well into 2010, probably into the third quarter or beyond”. 

Speaking in West Hampstead last Friday, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said he understood ‘your pain’

Handed a petition from miffed Jubilee line users, he said: 

“All I can say is that absolutely vital that we make sure that we keep up the investment in London’s transport infrastructure. 

“I know how inconvenient it is at the moment but that Jubilee Line, when it is completed, will have a 30 percent increase in its capacity. It will be a substantially better service”. 

To sign the petition to reopen the Jubilee Line soon between Stanmore and West Hampstead on weekends, click here.

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